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How often should I resurface my tennis court / netball court?


Generally a tennis court needs resurfacing every 5 to 8 years, but this is dependent on the conditions surrounding your tennis court and the usage of your court. i.e if you have trees covering the court, you may develop black algae, which eats holes in courts. Trees could also damage the court through roots pushing up into the surface. Another major factor determining resurfacing periods is the type of base initially installed. We use a hot premix tar which is far more durable than the chip and spray method.



What sports can be played on a FibreFlex® system?


Ideal for tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball and handball surfaces.



When should I use a FibreFlex® system?


This type of surface is recommended where low maintenance is required.



What are the characteristics of a FibreFlex® tennis court?


  1. The surface offers a medium to fast ball speed which can offer a world class playing surface

  2. It provides a true ball bounce with optimum spin reception

  3. It is not a new and unproven product

  4. It is a quality product and has been in use for 25 years as superb outdoor surface where extreme outdoor conditions and high and low temperatures are the order of the day

  5. The application methods and ingredients can be varied according to the conditions of the playing surface and/or the requirement of our client.



What are the advantages of having a FibreFlex® system installed?


  1. Surface breathes to allow vapours from layers to escape

  2. Produces a resilient and flexible surface of uniform variable speed

  3. Economical and easy to apply

  4. Available in aesthetically and pleasing colours

  5. It is UV stabilized

  6. This product has been in use for more than 25 years

  7. It is easy on the ball and footwear

  8. It has a low glare with a matt finish

  9. It has high flexibility in order to bridge surface hairline cracks



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